For this episode of The Press’ multimedia podcast ‘Unveiled,’ we explored the concept of love. That all encompassing aura that brings humans together and is also capitalized by candy companies every February.

We explored what love is with an little social experiment. We interviewed couples, best friends, acquaintances, and strangers if we could increase the chemistry between two people.

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Video filmed and edited by Nirvani Williams, Giselle Maronilla, Taya Higgs, Rachael Eyler and Megan Valle.

The Stony Brook Press covers the #MeToo March that occurred on February 28th, 2018.

Video shot, scripted, and voiced by Megan Valle and Nirvani Williams 


Video edited by Megan Valle 

Many high school students in New York City lack the proper amount of guidance needed to get them through the college admission process. People like Enoch Jemmott are trying to change things for first-generation college students like him.

Video produced, shot, scripted and edited by Megan Valle

Presented and voiced by Nirvani Williams

By day, they are like most Long Island adults, tending to their jobs and families. 

But by night, they’re investigators — not of the living, but of the dead. To be a part of the Long Island Paranormal Investigators (LIPI), one must dedicate countless nights and hours determining whether or not a spot is haunted. On Thursday nights, they meet in the basement of a house in Selden, New York to discuss upcoming events and investigations, analyze gathered evidence, give out awards and occasionally enjoy a beer with a side of electronic voice phenomena (EVP).  

Video by Megan Valle

Mental health housing on Long Island.

Video by Megan Valle

Origin of Era is Port Jefferson's first female made, ethically sourced clothing boutique. 

Video by Megan Valle

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